Lets see what you think of these two websites that we have right here

These websites are offered to you by Thomas Cheng Marketing, because that’s exactly what Thomas does in his spare time, Thomas has a hobby he likes to visit or better still find websites that he considers of great value of massive interest that yet have to be brought to light by the major search engines and then he will post them as you can see from the link on his twitter account.

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Well, one of those websites is a Celebrity and Entertainment News blog that has quite the buzz on the street right now, but is not yet as popular as its antagonists, but from what I can see it is getting there. There is one specific reason and it is something that Thomas brings to light as well, is that this website that were talking about right now brings you information immediately and therefore you will hear about it on this blog way before you do on most of all the large networks that are specialized also in Hollywood news.

Then if you’re looking for some Alternative News here is another extremely competitive website that everybody would just love to know about, if you really want to read the news the way it actually happened instead of the contorted newsthat is edited and is divergent by politicians then this is definitely a very good read, this is something you need to know, this is news that you won’t hear anywhere else.