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Can you find the connection that there is with 420 and cannabis?

To be honest I was one of those people that until a few years ago had no idea there was actually a connection between cannabis, pot and weed and the number 420.

420 cannabis

It was back in 2014 when my good friends Thomas F. Cheng explain the connection between the two, first of all I like to say that Thomas does not smoke marijuana, not otherwise, but it was a very interesting subject and therefore we also decided to pull some numbers to see how many people actually do regularly smoke marijuana in the United States.

Regular smokers are roughly 965,000 people, that means that they smoke marijuana at least once a day, while other people that consumed the drug at least once a week are close to 3 million, then that have smoked this at least once in 2006 see all 13 million and then that have smoked it at least once in their life or 127 million. Basically half all the adults in our nation have tried at least once the smoke cannabis,

These were interesting numbers that the polls and therefore we decided to go further, however if I do go further I would have to be writing for the next two days LOL. and therefore Thomas said that he will post it on his many social media accounts linking it to his famous blog.

To be honest I didn’t even know that these two websites existed

I actually knew about was when I read a post on LinkedIn, that would be the account on Thomas F Cheng, the plane of these two websites that were basically unknown at the time were going to be massive trends, they were going to be websites that would absolute winners in that category, that they were going to be absolutely unbeatable when it comes down to what they have to offer.

trump unhappy tweet duce mussolini

Well he was absolutely right, take for example the first website that you mentioned called MOAR Funny Pics it is now today the number one in its kind, it offers funny images of all kinds it is updated every hour, dozens of new and funny hubristic photographs are posted on a daily basis.

The other website that was mentioned in that LinkedIn social media post while this Alternative news Website websites that everybody is now talking about, and alternative news network that post news the way it actually happened, it’s truthful news, it is politically untouched, the even the editors have no permission to change any part of the news they are devoted to say the news exactly the way it occurred why most probably it is extremely popular today on the web.

Entertainment, celebrities, Hollywood and Alternative news and media resources

It always is a great moment when you discover new websites, it always is a thrill when you actually see that those websites that you have just discovered are actually good websites, are delivering websites, are websites that stand out among all the rest in this same category. Unfortunately they are very hard to find, but I have been following Thomas Cheng through his Google plus social media account and I have noticed that he is posting several websites that are yet to be extremely popular and therefore to be known by everybody but at the same time they are what everybody is looking for and therefore the best of the best in their category.

alternative entertainment news

I can name two of them just for now, that way you can actually visit those websites without getting bored of reading what I have to say. The first is aHollywood Entertainment News blog and it is definitely the best in its current, it gets to that celebrity and entertainment Hollywood news faster than anyone else, they are posting multiple times and gay articles that are unique and hit the question right on the spot and therefore they talk about your favorite celebrities, they talk about entertainment in general anything that involves Hollywood that could be of your interest.

The other website is an Alternative Breaking News resource, that is the best, I actually bookmarked this website and whoever knows me, knows for a fact that I have been an editor on the World Wide Web are the past 13 years and I only have 52 bookmarks, with this one here they have now become 53 and there is a very good reason why and that’s why you should look into this website so that you can discover it for yourself.

Lets see what you think of these two websites that we have right here

These websites are offered to you by Thomas Cheng Marketing, because that’s exactly what Thomas does in his spare time, Thomas has a hobby he likes to visit or better still find websites that he considers of great value of massive interest that yet have to be brought to light by the major search engines and then he will post them as you can see from the link on his twitter account.

facebook social media

Well, one of those websites is a Celebrity and Entertainment News blog that has quite the buzz on the street right now, but is not yet as popular as its antagonists, but from what I can see it is getting there. There is one specific reason and it is something that Thomas brings to light as well, is that this website that were talking about right now brings you information immediately and therefore you will hear about it on this blog way before you do on most of all the large networks that are specialized also in Hollywood news.

Then if you’re looking for some Alternative News here is another extremely competitive website that everybody would just love to know about, if you really want to read the news the way it actually happened instead of the contorted newsthat is edited and is divergent by politicians then this is definitely a very good read, this is something you need to know, this is news that you won’t hear anywhere else.

While crawling we found this…

I didn’t mean while we were physically crawling LOL I meant when we were crawling the web as we do basically every single day myself and Thomas Cheng Marketing manager that I’m sure you all know as I have mentioned several times before in many of my blog articles Thomas happens to be one of those extremely successful managers and during his spare time Thomas serves the Internet looking for new websites basically the same thing that I do every day.


In this case, the website that we found right here that offers Funny Pics and social media combined was discovered by Thomas, however I have been monitoring this website for the past six weeks and you will have noticed that we have mentioned it before, but I am touching base with you once again because it really is something that needs everybody’s attention because it will become a new trend in a very short time..

Something else that I totally agree with Thomas on is that this Social Media News website is the elite in its category, one article a day, that’s all that I read, but each and every single day of the week I noticed that there is an article that makes perfect sense, an article that involves social media directly, an article that talks about LinkedIn, Facebook, Google plus, twitter and all other social media platforms and does not hold back if it has to criticize any of these networks.

The world wide web and news and social media

It’s full of it Social Media and news and media websites, however which one should you follow, which one should you actually trust when reading the news, even because no matter where you go every single website that you follow the news is said in a totally different pattern, most probably because many websites are chilly politically corrupt, and therefore politicians make the journalists and editors dictate the news in a totally different way to make it sound to the general public different and better, this is a practice in the United States of America and Europe that is extremely common, unfortunately that’s the way it is.

media and social news

However there is one website that I can trust with my eyes closed, because I know every single time that I visit that website, that is called by the way Moar News, that I can trust everything that they post, that I know that everything is accurate in their articles and therefore they are telling you the news exactly the way it happened. It’s nothing new that websites even the ones that claim to be fair and balanced and independent in some way distort the news to make it sound the way someone wants it to sound, in most cases they want hide you the news in others they want to make it look better, however you now have two links that lead to two different news resources to actually tell you the news exactly and identically the way it happened.

We crawl it and this is what we found!

Hello, and welcome to the first blog post on our new blog that is entirely dedicated to new finds, and interesting websites that we find on the Internet and after testing them if they are worth to talk about, you will see that we will discuss them right here on these pages.

First of all I would like to thank my dear friend Thomas F Cheng, for his cool finds and because Thomas is a very successful editor I could not ignore what he had posted on social media claiming that the websites that are below the photograph and that we will shortly discuss what truly delivering and are websites that definitely have a future on the World Wide Web.

hot milf dating

The first website is for them that are looking for men and women, that are looking for a date right there in their town, this is a service distributed in all North America and therefore in the United States, every single state, all 50 states are covered and the four regions of Canada. Specifically it’s a Milf Dating Service for women in their 30s and 40s that are looking for men right there in their town, basically they’re not looking for a relationship that just looking for some fun, if you know what I mean.

The second website that Thomas brought up on social media is a news source called MOAR. I noticed that the website is fairly new and therefore I’m really can’t say a lot about it, however if they do keep the standards that they are maintaining this time, they have nowhere else to go but up and to be an extremely successful new source in the future, better still the early and next future.