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Can you find the connection that there is with 420 and cannabis?

To be honest I was one of those people that until a few years ago had no idea there was actually a connection between cannabis, pot and weed and the number 420.

420 cannabis

It was back in 2014 when my good friends Thomas F. Cheng explain the connection between the two, first of all I like to say that Thomas does not smoke marijuana, not otherwise, but it was a very interesting subject and therefore we also decided to pull some numbers to see how many people actually do regularly smoke marijuana in the United States.

Regular smokers are roughly 965,000 people, that means that they smoke marijuana at least once a day, while other people that consumed the drug at least once a week are close to 3 million, then that have smoked this at least once in 2006 see all 13 million and then that have smoked it at least once in their life or 127 million. Basically half all the adults in our nation have tried at least once the smoke cannabis,

These were interesting numbers that the polls and therefore we decided to go further, however if I do go further I would have to be writing for the next two days LOL. and therefore Thomas said that he will post it on his many social media accounts linking it to his famous blog.