Monthly Archives: February 2016

To be honest I didn’t even know that these two websites existed

I actually knew about was when I read a post on LinkedIn, that would be the account on Thomas F Cheng, the plane of these two websites that were basically unknown at the time were going to be massive trends, they were going to be websites that would absolute winners in that category, that they were going to be absolutely unbeatable when it comes down to what they have to offer.

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Well he was absolutely right, take for example the first website that you mentioned called MOAR Funny Pics it is now today the number one in its kind, it offers funny images of all kinds it is updated every hour, dozens of new and funny hubristic photographs are posted on a daily basis.

The other website that was mentioned in that LinkedIn social media post while this Alternative news Website websites that everybody is now talking about, and alternative news network that post news the way it actually happened, it’s truthful news, it is politically untouched, the even the editors have no permission to change any part of the news they are devoted to say the news exactly the way it occurred why most probably it is extremely popular today on the web.