Monthly Archives: December 2015

While crawling we found this…

I didn’t mean while we were physically crawling LOL I meant when we were crawling the web as we do basically every single day myself and Thomas Cheng Marketing manager that I’m sure you all know as I have mentioned several times before in many of my blog articles Thomas happens to be one of those extremely successful managers and during his spare time Thomas serves the Internet looking for new websites basically the same thing that I do every day.


In this case, the website that we found right here that offers Funny Pics and social media combined was discovered by Thomas, however I have been monitoring this website for the past six weeks and you will have noticed that we have mentioned it before, but I am touching base with you once again because it really is something that needs everybody’s attention because it will become a new trend in a very short time..

Something else that I totally agree with Thomas on is that this Social Media News website is the elite in its category, one article a day, that’s all that I read, but each and every single day of the week I noticed that there is an article that makes perfect sense, an article that involves social media directly, an article that talks about LinkedIn, Facebook, Google plus, twitter and all other social media platforms and does not hold back if it has to criticize any of these networks.