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The world wide web and news and social media

It’s full of it Social Media and news and media websites, however which one should you follow, which one should you actually trust when reading the news, even because no matter where you go every single website that you follow the news is said in a totally different pattern, most probably because many websites are chilly politically corrupt, and therefore politicians make the journalists and editors dictate the news in a totally different way to make it sound to the general public different and better, this is a practice in the United States of America and Europe that is extremely common, unfortunately that’s the way it is.

media and social news

However there is one website that I can trust with my eyes closed, because I know every single time that I visit that website, that is called by the way Moar News, that I can trust everything that they post, that I know that everything is accurate in their articles and therefore they are telling you the news exactly the way it happened. It’s nothing new that websites even the ones that claim to be fair and balanced and independent in some way distort the news to make it sound the way someone wants it to sound, in most cases they want hide you the news in others they want to make it look better, however you now have two links that lead to two different news resources to actually tell you the news exactly and identically the way it happened.